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                                  Zhangjiagang T-Crystal Glass Co.,Ltd. is a leading glass manufacturer in Zhangjiagang City,Jiangsu Province,China.It is 150Km far away from Shanghai.With advanced glass technology,reliable machines,experienced employees and modern management, T-Crystal offers you high quality tempered glass,laminating glass,silk—screen printing glass,insulating glass,tinted reflective glass,float  glass,glass hardwares and so on.

                                  As a reliable glass manufacturer,T-Crystal Glass are widely used in curtain walls,windows&doors,swimming pool fence,shower enclosure,indoor decorations,basketball board,advertisement apparatus,garden buildings,picture framing,furniture,elevator,highway fence,greenhouse etc.   T-Crystal Glass are exported to Australia,US,UK,Korea,Italy,France,Sweden,Holland and some other countries.

                                 T-Crystal’s glass plant is equipped with Bottero automatic cutting table,CNC drilling machines,large—sized double edger, waterjet cutting machines,automatic tempereing furnace,laminated glass lines,silk screen printing machines,heat soaked oven and so on.

                                 T-Crystal Glass has Chinese National CCC certificate,Australian/New Zealand standard certificate and CE  marking for Safety Glass.

                                With high quality products with safety packing,reliable services and reasonable prices,T-Crystal believes it is the best choice for the customers to purchase glass products from China.

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